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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Secret Network Of National Security Agency Of USA

NSA is the secret agency of the USA. It has thousands of employees. Its basic responsibility is to record the conversation of telephone calls, mobile and through Internet as well as it catches the coded words to decode them within the country and around the world. It also provides protection to the communication system of the USA. It is initially a supreme military agency and it is headed by a general or vice-admiral. Its annual budget is $ 8 billion.
This secret American agency owns several satellites. It has established many secret centers in the foreign countries where it records the talks or messages of targeted personalities. It has monitoring secret rooms in all the American Telcom companies. The cryptology experts of NSA, China analysts, experts of terrorism, detectives and other individuals of secret agencies benefit from these information. The NSA network has the following important components sub centers.
Space Communication Satellites:- American government has placed communication satellites on 4-5 strategic sites of the earth. So every citizen of each country of the world comes under their line of action. These satellites record messages and talks that are with in the range of magnetic frequency taking from walkie talkies to mobile phones in Libya, and radars in North Korea. Special softwares are installed in the satellites that after filtering decide which region, country, city, phone number, or email is to be targeted.
Aerospace Data Center- Balkay Airbase Colorado:- This center of NSA is located near Denver city. The information collected by space satellites and other secret centers are first of all received here. This centers has 850 officials who are in contact with satellites, five them targets and then down load all the information collected by different sources.
NSA Georgia Fort Gorden Agasta, Georgia:- The experts at this center sort and conclude the results on the basis of information collected from Europe, Middle East and North Africa.The secret name of the center is "Sweet Tea". The center has be extended vastly during the last 10 years and now it encircles an area of 0.6 million square feet. Four thousand official relating to different sections of spying are working in this center.
NSA Texas, Lake land Air Force Base San Antonio:- Before the 9/11 the concentration point of this center was Latin America, however now the experts of this also sort information about Middle East and Europe.More than two thousand experts work in the center. NSA has recently, constructed a big data center here at a cost of $ 100 million. This data center has a status of temporary alternative data center for Utah center.
Other data centers are:- NSA Hawaii, National Center for spying, Centers in foreign countries, Multi-program Research Facility Oak Ridge Tennessee and NSA Head Quarter Fort Maid Maryland.

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