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Friday, April 13, 2012

Ekhwan Ul Muslamoon Is Participating In Presidential Race

Ekhwan ul Muslamoon, the winner of the majority seats in Egyptian parliament has changed its earlier decision of not taking part in presidential election and nominated Khairat ul Shatir as candidate for the presidential election to be held in May. After the announcement by the head of the party Dr Muhammad Badeeh, Engineer Kharat ul Shatir has resigned from the organizational office. Being an expert in security matters in the organization, Khairat is a successful businessman too.
After the end of Hosn e Mubarak era in Egypt Ekhwan was was of the view not to take direct part in the presidential election. This strategy probably was to save the west from scaring of the Ekhwan. So, they decided not to take step toward hub of power, the presidential house. However, about changing the decision Ekhwan says that it was to ensure the positive results of the revolution and parting of the army from the government and the stake holders of the former government running for the presidential election may not take advantage of the opportunity. According to the experts the leadership got compelled to the change the strategy because restlessness was prevailing among the party members in this regard. To include its representative in the presidential race was already the opinion of several leaders of Ekhwan, however, after gaining the majority in the parliamentary election the people in favor of this suggestion increased considerably. That made the leadership to change its policy. When the last week the policy making council held meeting to review the strategy, both the voters in favor and opposition seemed in majority but the decision was finalized on the results of voting, in which 58 members out of 108 favored to participate in the presidential election.

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