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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

real Story Behind sania Mirza And Shahid Kapoor Break up (Video)

Saulat Mirza Was In Contact With Altaf Hussain Just Before His Arrest--Saulat's Wife

MQM Response to Saulat Mirza’s Wife by GeoNews The wife of death row inmate Saulat Mirza revealed that her husband was in contact with MQM's chief just before his arrest in Karachi. In an interview with a private Tv, the wife of former MQM worker said she visited the headquarter Nine Zero for the last time in the previous month (February), "Since then we were not even allowed to move beyond Mukka Chowk (A roundabout located about half a kilometer from 90" she added. She said MQM leader Farooq Sattar told her the party's role in connection with Saulat Mirza's case is over and ' now you are your own'. She termed MQM's announcement of disowning Saulat Mirza is a 'big joke'. Had the party not disowned Saulat Mirza, he would have not opened his mouth. "why is it that the individual from whom the order for (assassination of MD KESC) came is not being taken to task.
Interview of Saulat Mirza’s Wife by GeoNews Farooq Sattar reacted as saying he would not expect Saulat's wife to speak against her husband. He said Saulat remained party's worker until 1997-98. Watch the videos. Courtesy ( Daily Dawn)

Workplace Romance Of Star Couples

*-- When Bella (Kristen Stewart) met Edward (Robert Pattison) in the Twilight series, their sizzling chemistry soon became off screen reality. And they are hardly alone. See in the following which other stars have hooked up while working on the big and small screen.
*-- Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield:-- They met in 2011 while filming the Amazing Spider-Man (2012). If media reports are correct then the couple will go for summer wedding this year.
*-- Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux:- They met on the set of Wanderlust (2012) and officially started dating by May 2011. The couple got engaged in August 2012, after 15 months of dating, they are still going strong.
*-- Halle Berry And Olivier Mertinez:-- They met on the set of Dark Tide (2012). The Oscar winner married Mertinez in France 2013. There are rumours that the couple might be heading towards splistville.
*-- Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds:-- Although they met on the set of Green Lantern, the duo did not start dating before October 2011. Today the couple is happily married and blessed with a girl.
*-- Amber Heard And Johhny Depp:-- They met on the set of The Rum Diary (2011). Three years later they got engaged and this year in February, the gorgeous couple had a beach wedding.
*-- Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig:-- The couple which met on the set of The Dream House (2011), got married the same year and are still going strong.

Monday, March 30, 2015

MQM Got Million Of Dollars From India To Break Pakistan

Kharra Sach –24th March 2015 by awaissamoo Mubashir Luqman, host of ARY TV program Kharra Such ( Pure Truth) tells in detail the target killers of MQM specially that about Nadeem alias Nadu who confessed killing of 208 people. He was a welder and he had visited India. Tariq Azeem was killed by Nadeem on the order of chief of MQM. He joined MQM and was made sector incharge. Attempts were made to save Nadeem but failed. Mubashir has shown all the records of Nadu's phone calls In this vide). Luqman accused Altaf of using media to blame, army ISI or other officers but also accuses it if it says truth about his subversive activities. Luqman also wrote letter to British House of Commons against Altaf's negative activities. He accuses Altaf of getting million of dollars from India for breaking Pakistan. He said Ishrat ul Ibad while being governor of Sindh is getting social security benefits from Britain. Prime minister also said terrorism started in Pakistan when MQM started politics. Altaf must get himself clear from this accusations. He is British citizen and carrying out terrorist activities in Pakistan. Anchor said that Britain gives citizen after confirming that the applicant has no criminal charges against him in his native country, then why Alltaf was given citiznship inspite of having murder cases in Pakistan. Mubashir is writing letter to Britain PM. Watch the video and get to know about the reality of MQM and Altaf Hussain. He said during PPP era Rahman Malik was sustained only for managing Altaf and MQM. Ch Nisar clearly gave instructions to rangers to carry out operation with out any discrimination. Now for the last two weeks no target killing incident took place. Courtesy (Awais Samoo/ Daily Motion)

Second Blogger Hacked and Murdered In Bangladesh

A blogger was hacked to death in Bangladesh capital, in a latest brutal on country's independent writers. Police have arrested two men over the murder which comes just week after an American atheist blogger was also hacked to death in Dhaka, a crime that triggered international outrage. Wasiq ur Rahman, 27, was brutally hacked to death with big knife just 460 meters from his home in Dhaka's Bengunan area. It was said that it was not known surely whether the victim was an atheist blogger but another social media writer said he was known to write "against religious fundamentalists." Head of Blogger and Online Activists Network in Bangladesh told," It appeared Rahman used to write using a penname Kutshit Hasher Chhana (Ugly Duckling), he was a progressive free thinker and was against religious fundamentalism." Ajvit Roy was another atheist blogger to have been murdered in Muslim majority country in the last two years and the fourth writer to have been attacked since 2004. His killing sparked an uproar at home and abroad with hundreds of secular activists holding protests to demand justice. They also slammed the country's secular government for not doing enough to protect humanist writers.

Altaf Hussain Lost His Decision Power

Altaf Hussain is annoyed with party leaders Faisal Sabzwari, Farooq Sattar and Khushbakht Shujahat for not defending him. Altaf is wrong how they could defend him while killers were arrested from his headquarter, they confessed dozens of target killing, Altaf Hussain himself burst on rangers in other words army, who he had been calling for maintaining law and order in Karachi. He had forgotten that army will take action impartially whether it is MQM or any other party, now why is he weeping.? Can he defend himself. He has suspended party leader Faisal Sabzwari and ordered him to present resignation from provincial assembly seat. He said none of leader took notice of his disrespect in one of the TV talk shows. It is well known that he will take back his this decision and will reinstate Faisal as he has taken back his resignation from party leadership now and twice previously. He condemns Pakistani institutions or other party leaderships and then apologises. he never stands firm on his statement or decisions. He is sick and lost his decision power. It is better to for MQM to choose another leader as chief. He asked the workers via telephone to dissolve the movement and concentrate on Khidmat e Khalq Foundation to serve mankind. He said party activities should be stopped from now and he will not address workers from now. But this decision was soon reversed. Will his workers agree to stop political activities and dissolve the movement.? Altaf Hussain should not worry if his workers do not stop their activities, somebody else will compel to do so and all the activities will come to stand still. It is soon to be done.

Dispute Between Bilawal And Zardari Deppens

As the disputes between Bilawal Zardari and his father former president Asif Zardar seem to be getting more serious and deepened, Bilwal has decided not to come to Pakistan to attend death anniversary of the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, his grandfather as well as the founder of Pakistan Peoples Party, on April 4. Some reports reveal that Bilawal will not take active part in politics for the next two years, for providing solid grounds to his this decision he has taken admission in Master Degree program. The decision of Bilawal for not attending the death anniversary will create serious trouble for the party leadership, as this is the biggest and important event for Peoples party and the absence of the party chairman is not affordable. It is also pertinent to note that Bilawal had not attended the death anniversary of his mother the late Mohtarama Banazir bhutto on December 27.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pakistanis Are Being Evacuated Frpm Yemen By Special PIA Plane

A special plane of Pakistan International Airlines Jumbo 747 has landed on Al Hadeida air port to evacuate Pakistanis from Yemen. the plane will bring as many as 482 passemgers in first phase. The plane will take off at 1.15 hours from the airport. It is pertinent to mention here that the concerned authorities have made immediate arrangements of two special planes following the orders of prime minister for the safe evacuation of Pakistanis stuck in Yemen. In addition, a naval ship was also sent to rescue rest of the Pakistanis from war affected country. On the other hand. Yemen president Abd -Rabbo Manseur Hadi called Houthi rebels "Puppets of Iran" and said Saudi air strikes will continue until they surrender. He said Rebels have destroyed Yeme, Fierce fighting is reported between Houthi fighters and Hadi supporters.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Germanwings Plane Was Delibrately Crashed

As the investigation of Germanwings plane crasg continues, now the officials said tat co-pilot delibrately crashed the plane in French Alps, carrying 150 passengers including the aorline staff. Prosecuter said co-pilot was alone in the cockpit. Co-pilot intentionally started descent while pilot was locked out. Mr Robin said there was absolute silence while pilot fought to enter it. Air traffic controller made repeated attempts to contact the aircraft but to no avail. Passengers coulld e heard screaming just before the crash. Details are emerging of the German co-pilot past, although the apparent motives for causing the crash remain a mystery. This crash killed every one aboard the flight..

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some Gorgeous Women Who Were Born Male

**-- Sirapassaorn Atthayakorn:- Thailand's own Sirapassorn Atthayakorn (AKA Sammy) was named was named Miss International Queen 2011 pageant. **-- Florencia De La V:--
Argentinian Florencia De La V began life in 1976 as Roberto Carlos Trinidad, but since was since gone on to be one of the most recognisable transgendered actress in the world. De La has appeared in soap operas, in magazines, in clubs and was once the editor of a magazine. She is now married to a man and mother to two twins via surrogate. **-- Isis King:-
Born Darrel Walls in 1985, American model Isis King gained notoriety when she became the first transgender contestant over to appear on the modelling reality show America's Next Top Model. King completed two season of the show. **-- Claudia Charriez:-
Hard to believe Claudia was born a man. Her transexuality did not stop her from becoming international model. Claudia has kicked off America's Next Top Model and Jenice Dickson Modelling Agency TV shows in 2008, but went on to win America's Next Top Model contest on the Tyra Banks show later that year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An FIR Has Been Lodged Against Ex-Federal Minister For Rape Charges

The first investigation report has been filed against a ex-federal minister and leader of Pakistan People's Party at Islamabad Bara Koh police station on the complaint of a woman for rape and sexual harassment charges. According to FIR, the woman, human rights worker said that she was receiving threatening phone calls from the man linked with the ex-minister and she feared for the lives of her children. Previously, the former minister was implicated in an Anti Narcotic Force by twp pharmaceutical companies.

Rangers Once again Surrounded MQM Headquarter

Rangers once again surrounded MQM Headquarter 90 in Azizabad in order to remove all the barriers in the area. Rangers is also launching an overall crackdown against all the barriers planted in the city and this raid is one of them. MQM headquarter 90 was having specially a large number of barriers and following the orders these are being removed by rangers. Rangers spokeperson said MQM has removed some of the barriers voluntarily and rest of them will be removed by rangers. Therefore the 90 is surrounded.

Four Months Ago I Got Bigger Boobs-- Iggy Azalea

Taking on Vogue's question for April issue Iggy admitted she would love to raid on Gwen Stafani's closet. She also revealed about the most ridiculous rumour she has ever heard about herself "that I used to be a man named Gory who had sex change". She also spoke about her figure and dropped a bombshell about her figure: she recently got breast implant. When asked the change about her body, Iggy replied "I did change something four months ago, I got bigger boobs, I would think about it entire life." Admitting she was sick of having to put padding in her stage costume. Standing tall at 5' 10" Nick Young's girlfriend has been applauded for her curvy body (Heck, she has a booty anthem), but she insists her figure was not always desirable. She knows how to dress for her figure and revealed, It is about proportion, I have to have anything tailored because I have such a
small waist. I am a 2 or 0 on top and a 6 on the bottom."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is There Any Link Between Uzair Baloch And Shahid Afridi?

According to Uzair Baloch , Famous Karachi... by pakistanbroadcasters According to Dr Shahid Masood, Shahid Afridi's name was linked to Uzair Baloch. watch video.

Angelina Jolies Ovary And Fallopian Tubes Removed

Angelina Jolie got her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed due to fear of cancer, following her double mastectomy two years ago. The actress who had lost her mother, grandmother and aunt to cancer, made the announcement in an op-ed piece in New York Times. The Hollywood superstar carries a mutation in BRAC 1 gene that had given her an 87 percent risk of developing breast cancer and 50 percent risk of developing ovarian cancer. "It is a less complex surgery than mastectomy, but its effects are more severe, it puts a woman in forced menopause." Jolie said. When she learned two weeks ago that tests revealed higher inflammation levels, Jolie and her doctors decided it was the time. Her husband, Brad Pitt was in France at that time, he flew to be with her during the procedure laparoscopic bilateral salpingo oophorectomy. Doctors found a small benighn tumour on one ovary but no sign of cancer in any of the tissues.

Journalist Arrested In Cyber Blackmailing

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Cell in Karachi arrested a journalist allegedly blackmailing CEO Aman Ahmad of FM 100 Radio Channel. Computers, mobiles and other documents were confiscated during the early morning raid at his residence situated at University road. . Accused Rehan Ahmad Sheikh a former employee of FM 100 Radio Channel was allegedly blackmailing Aman Ahmad through a fake Facebook identity and email addresses registered under the name of Nida Khan. He was not only blackmailing Aman Ahmad impersonating as a female GEO reporter but several other members of the society demanding money. The CEO filed a written complaint against the black mailer at Cyber Crime Cell. FIR was lodged against the accused under section 420. The accused is currently working for a local media organisation.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Illogical Ban Culture In India Fuels Fear Of Intolerance

"Do not eat it, read it, feel it, see it" sings the Michael Jackson impersonator as she she raps her way through a list of pleasures banned by India's government before chorusing " Just Beep it". as claiming to be the world's largest democracy India has long been falsely proud of its tradition of artistic, cultural and religious freedoms. (Specially no religious freedom is seen in India). However, a series of bans, ranging from eating the beef to watching the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, has sparked accusations of growing a climate of intolerance under Hindu extremist prime minister Nrendra Modi. Critics say how 'thin skinned' their politicians have become in this internet age where to put a lid on offending material are likely to backfire. The spoof of Michael Jackson's classical 'Beat it" which was made by the Indian trio Enna Da Rascalas, has gone viral since being uploaded on YouTube last week reflecting the backlash on blacklists. British-made documentary about an infamous gang rape in 2012 in Delhi, has also been banned. And a comedy 'roast'show that several featured Bollywood stars have fallen foul of the authorities after being uploaded on the internet is now at the center of obscenity investigation over some of its sexual explicit jokes. But the TV channels have been allowed to air shows like "Sex and the City" that would once been considered racy. The dual standard of Hindu mentality is expressed in condemnation of in India of attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, but when the editor of a Mumbai-based Urdu magazine reprinted a cartoon as a gesture of solidarity, she was arrested under law against insulting religion. Tamay Bhat, one of the AIB comedy team at the center of obscenity row said, "WE Indians tend to have-- an ostrich kind of mentality, we want to put our heads into the ground and be like 'if I do not like something then it has got to go away'.

Most Desired Female Body Parts

A survey has revealed that which body parts of a female are most desired. The study conducted by Sunshine found Kate Husdon's hair (18 percent), Jessica Alba's arms(14 percent), Charlotte Crosby's stomach (16 percent), Katy Perry's chest (13 percent), Taylor Swift's legs (15 percent), and Emily Ratajkowski's glutes (17 percent) combine to make most sought-after look.
Managing director of Sunshine said," We though we would have a bit of fun to see what this year's dream celebrity beach bodies were looking like. Men and women alike clearly
have a set idea of the body they aspire to have and there is a lot work and commitment
that is needed to go into that plan, if these pictures are anything to go by."

Mother's Advice To Hit The Bride At First Night To Control Her

An Egyptian groom who knocked his bride out by fracturing her skull just after their wedding told police he did so at his mother's request to control his wife. The unnamed groom said he took his wife to their new home just after wedding and slapped her three times as his mother had told him. The man said," My mother said this would help him control his wife through out his marital life. Mother warned me that his brothers were controlled by their wives because they did not listen to her and did not beat their wives." The groom added," When I slapped her she hit me back, then I went to the kitchen and brought a metal bar which I used to hit her on head and body." Police arrested the man on charges of causing serious injuries to his wife, who suffered from fractures in her skull and pelvis. Report said she was still unconscious in her wedding dress when her family visited her in hospital in Cairo.

Cat's Revenge

A pet cat was relaxing on a chair when the owner came with piano in hand and tried to make it down of the chair but cat was in sound sleep and did not care his playing on piano. Then the owner hit it with hand and then kicked. How the cat revenged his insult? see the interesting video.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Countries Having Most Beautiful women In The World

**-- Brazil:- Brazil, home to the greatest number of fitness models within the Latin region, is a place where you will find most beautiful women on the planet. Both blond and brunette Brazilian girls are well known for their sexy, sporty and very attractive bodies which greatly compliment their ravishing looks.
**-- Russia:- Russian women are extensively appreciated all over the world for their alluring blue eyes, flawless fair skin, great figure added onto a good height. Most of them have gorgeous and proportional bodies.
**-- India:-- A multiracial land filled with many cultures, India has produced quite a number of prettiest female individuals in the entire world. Their dusky complexion and radiant skin are regarded as very beautiful by many experts. What makes them even more charming is their is their femininity and modest etiquette explicitly shown in their ways and movement.
**-- Argentina:- Ladies from Argentina are popular as beauty conscious people, giving their skin and hair utmost attention and care, always seeking to look their best.
They are also updated with latest fashion trends. Wearing along with dusky, shiny skin makes them look hot and bold.
**-- Serbia:- Slavic and Mediterranean heredity are the main features of Serbian girls. Almost all of them, 99 percent have a tall and eye-catching curvy figures dressed in stylish clothes, accentuated with their expressive appealing eyes, which makes women including celebrities envious of their beauty.
**-- South Korea:- The women of South Korea look young with their innocent, girly cute faces which match their bubbly and very likable personality. They have fair and clean skin skin that glows amidst their glossy black hair and have bodily curves built within a good medium height.

Rahman Malik Spoke Out In Ayaan Ali's Scandal

Rahman Malik said he had no contact with model Ayaan ali and the blame is a conspiray against me (Every politician and every party in Pakistan says this, as MQM's chief says). He said he will resign if there was any matter relating to money of my brother with model Ayaan Ali. On other hand, FBR has decided to expand scope of investigation against the arrested model.

Lost Pictures Of Young Angelina Jolie

She has become a global style icon and a Hollywood A-lister, starring in a number of action movies adored by a million of fans. But even Angelina had to start her career somewhere- and that meant modelling clothes for Debenhams and Miss Selfridge for a little known British magazine.
The long lost pictures, taken when Jolie was just 18, were published under the headline 'honeychild' in Look in 1993. And Angelina was such an unknown that even her name was misspelled-with a 'j' replacing 'g' in her first name in a captain. Living in Los Angeles in her late teens, Angelina signed to Nina Blanchard Agency, after her mother Marcheline Bertrand suggested she do some modelling.
In the pictures she is seen in two separate shoots: squatting on the floor of a desert and kneeling on a beach and reaching for sky.
Angelina also made her first professional acting debut in 1993, playing her first leading role in the science-fiction film Cyborg 2. Three years later she appeared in the road movie Mojave Moon, propting the Hollywood reporters to write," Jolie is an actress whom camera truly adores." Then came the role of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider in 2001, and it was clear that a major new star has been born.

Bralvi Mosque Shut Down By International Islamic University

On Friday the students of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) offered prayers outside the locked doors of the mosque, recently shut down by the University administration. The university recently closed down the decade old mosque alighned with the Brailvi school of thought. They claimed the decision had been made because of security concerns. The students praying outside the closed mosque expressed resentment against the university's decision. At the University's main mosque where a large number of students offer Friday prayer the sermon is only delivered in Arabic. For the last seven years students who associate themselves with Brelvi school and those who want to listen sermon in Urdu have been praying Friday prayer in this mosque. The mosque was built by the people of the local area near the entrance of the university. The students related to Brelvi school of thought renovated this mosque in 2008 and started prayer in the mosque.

PIA's Fashionable Makeover

PIA unveiled their new uniforms other night in a unique event that featured some of the biggest names in Pakistani fashion. A total of sixteen top designers presented their visions for PIA's new uniform and a panel of distinguished judges awarded marks to each.
Zeba Bakhtiar, Tariq Azeem, Naz Mansha and Indua Valley Dean Shaehnaz Ismail were among the judges. It was a night of patriotism and nostalgia with designers reminiscing their experiences on PIA and clearly excited about putting together a fresh look at the national carrier.
The presentations themselves were as varied as designers themselves. Sania Maskatia and Nida Azwer drew inspiration from national flower and bird.
Maskatiya, meanwhile showed pant and waistcoats in her textured trademark fabric. Her buttoned hats were a hit but the outfits had generally too much going on.
Khadi's popular outfits featured colourful waistcoats and typically bright ethic border but Nomi Ansaari surprised with designs that were stark in their simplicity.
Ansari is generally known for being genius with colour but her designs were just one colour each and relied on subtle detailing to set them apart.
The PIA uniforms have been designed by various famous designers in the past such as Laila Shahzada, and Chaisi Fountainer.