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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

YouTube's Compaign 'Dear Me' Became No 1 Trending Topic

Youtube launched a compaign with the hashtag #DearMe-encouraging users to upload 'video letters' with advice to their younger selves, aimed at helping girls deal with their problems- and within an hour it became the No 1 trending topic on Twitter both in the US and worldwide. The Google-owned video site the #DearMe promo was modeled #ItGetsBetter launched in 2010 in response to suicides of teenagers who were bullied because they were gay which became a popular topic for YouTube videos and on social media. YouTube said it launched #DearMe in honour of International women's Day(Which falls on March 8). Besides, trying to raise social consciousness, of course, YouTube is seeking to drive up user's engagements and views. YouTube enlisted several top stars as part of seeding #DearMe, including Michelle Phan, Grace Helbig, hannah Hart, Laci Green, Issa Rae and Lily Singh (aka Superwoman). The video site, in addition to inviting uploads to YouTube launched a Tumbir page at to let users post GIF around the compaign.

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