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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Abu Dhabi Security Media Releases "Reality Picture" To Enhance Security

The Media Security Department of the UAE Ministry of Interior and the Abu Dhabi police, in its endeavour to raise sense of security and community responsibilities has begun to release various 'reality pictures' that highlight dangers and raise awareness. The latest picture shows that despite providing safe pedestrian crossings, some individuals insist on crossing the road in a wrong way that puts their safety at risk( And these individuals can not be other than 'bold and courageous' Pakistanis who put others and their own lives at risk and they continue this practice in UAE as they do in their own country).
Earlier pictures showed cricket being played on the road (Must be Pakistani kids) and
illegal acts of overloading and over crowding vehicles (Abu Dhabi police mistakenly released the pictures of 'Pakistani roads', as I think). Police said they were shedding light on positive and negative behaviour captured by the Security Media Patrol cameras. They say reality pictures aim at highlighting the various incidents taking place in society and photographed by our patrol.

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