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Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Killed KESC Chief On Altaf's Order---- Saulat Mirza

Saulat Mirza Video Message Before Execution by youtubedramas999 Saulat Mirza in a video statement aired on Geo News, hurled startling allegations on on MQM and its top leadership. Mirza said he was a MQM worker and killed KESC chief Shahid Hamid on direct order from MQM leader Babar Ghauri." I was summoned at Babar Ghairi's house where I received Altaf Hussain's orders via telephone. Altaf Hussain would usually pass on instructions through Babar Ghauri." Saulat Mirza alleged. Saulat Mirza's execution has been postponed for 72 hours. altaf Hussain and Babar Ghauri both have denied allegations in Saulat's statement. Babar Ghauri though have dismissed any relation or contact with Saulat Mirza. Mirza said, " MQM workers like me are used as tissue papers and were disposed off when there was no use of them left for the party. Other workers should take lesson from my ending, Criminals in the party get protection under governor Sindh." he added. Saulat Mirza further said people who gained popularity among the public are eventually sidelines. "Mustafa Kamal was humiliated and then sidelined from the party because he had grown popular and Azeem Tariq was murdered for the same reason,"Mirza said. "I have no vested interests in making these allegations at this hour. I just want to leave a message for those who want to join or are part of this political organisation to learn from my mistakes." the death-row inmate said. His name first appeared on security agency's radar in 1994, after the killing of two US diplomats, ans murder of four workers of American Oil Company Union Texas in Karachi. He made revelations about scores of murders of innocent people including several high-profile personalities.

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