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Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Divide Pakistan To eliminate Terrorism""-- Syed Jamal

JAMALUDDIN Dance by zemtv Syed Jama ud Din , the author of "Divide Pakistan To Eliminate Terrorism" is just intoxicated with pleasure and women. He is enjoying his life in Germany enjoying and dancing with girls. (Watch the Video). The real tairer e Azam is Syed Jamal ud Din, who is the first one promoting negative compaign against Pakistan's existence and promoted his notorious books through western media including Jewish-backed CNN commonly seen all over USA, Europe and Asia. The real source of all negative compaign against Pakistan, its couragious and great army and interservices intelligence is its two poisonous (Divide Pakistan and Jinnahpur). It is not understandable to why Pakistani electronic media failed to expose the reality of Jamal ud Din?

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