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Sunday, March 22, 2015

PIA's Fashionable Makeover

PIA unveiled their new uniforms other night in a unique event that featured some of the biggest names in Pakistani fashion. A total of sixteen top designers presented their visions for PIA's new uniform and a panel of distinguished judges awarded marks to each.
Zeba Bakhtiar, Tariq Azeem, Naz Mansha and Indua Valley Dean Shaehnaz Ismail were among the judges. It was a night of patriotism and nostalgia with designers reminiscing their experiences on PIA and clearly excited about putting together a fresh look at the national carrier.
The presentations themselves were as varied as designers themselves. Sania Maskatia and Nida Azwer drew inspiration from national flower and bird.
Maskatiya, meanwhile showed pant and waistcoats in her textured trademark fabric. Her buttoned hats were a hit but the outfits had generally too much going on.
Khadi's popular outfits featured colourful waistcoats and typically bright ethic border but Nomi Ansaari surprised with designs that were stark in their simplicity.
Ansari is generally known for being genius with colour but her designs were just one colour each and relied on subtle detailing to set them apart.
The PIA uniforms have been designed by various famous designers in the past such as Laila Shahzada, and Chaisi Fountainer.

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