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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Indian Star batsman Virat Kohli Defended Anushka and Abused Journalist

Indian World Cup squad was left embarrassed on Wednesday after star batsman Virat Kohli verbally abused a journalist he mistakenly thought was the writer of another newspaper over an article written involving his girl friend Anushka Sharma. As soon as he wrapped up his net session Kohli stormed to the sidelines and let off a volley of expletives at a horrified reporter Javinder Sidhu who is covering World Cup for 'Hindustan Times'.He used the filthiest language. Kohli had apparently planned to target reporter from another Indian reporter for writing about his personal life. Realising his mistake he apologised to the reporer through an intermediary but Sidhu said being an international his this type of bevaiour was not suitable to any reporter. Sidhu also said he did not directly apologised to me. Kohli though Sidhu was the reporter who wrote an article about him and Anushka. It is worth mentioning that his relationship with Anushka is the subject of many articles in the media. Kohli's burst up had added to the already fagile relationship between media and the team.

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