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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Poor Pakistani Cricketers Are After Making Unique Records In This World Cup

Though, Pakistan won 23rd match of the tournament by defeating Zimbabwe by 20 runs, but still equal to defeat when the team made another shameful world record. The team scored 33 runs in the first 15 overs of the game. Pakistan who lost couple of wickets early in the inning then all things stared to slow down in the match. Earliest lowest record of runs in 15 overs was by UAE against India. It scored 41 runs in 15 overs. The first record of Pakistan in the World Cup 2015 was that of losing four wickets with one run on the score board against West Indies. The whole team should be retired new blood must be inducted if cricket is to be kept alive in Pakistan. No match should be played till next World cup with new team.

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