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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pakistanis Are Being Evacuated Frpm Yemen By Special PIA Plane

A special plane of Pakistan International Airlines Jumbo 747 has landed on Al Hadeida air port to evacuate Pakistanis from Yemen. the plane will bring as many as 482 passemgers in first phase. The plane will take off at 1.15 hours from the airport. It is pertinent to mention here that the concerned authorities have made immediate arrangements of two special planes following the orders of prime minister for the safe evacuation of Pakistanis stuck in Yemen. In addition, a naval ship was also sent to rescue rest of the Pakistanis from war affected country. On the other hand. Yemen president Abd -Rabbo Manseur Hadi called Houthi rebels "Puppets of Iran" and said Saudi air strikes will continue until they surrender. He said Rebels have destroyed Yeme, Fierce fighting is reported between Houthi fighters and Hadi supporters.

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