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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No Politician Can Recite A Single Sura Of Quran Hakeem Except Religious Leaders

DUnya News - Dunya News obtains CCTV footage of... by dunyanews Above is the footage of rangers raid on MQM headquarter. Following is the video of Altaf Hussain Wrongly reciting Sura Feel (Elephant).
Altaf Hussain Wrongly Reciting Surah Feel of... by Aman_Asif Altaf Hussain always weeps as a victim of his violence on his relatives and what about violence on the young ones of other parents who were killed by ....? Why every government unveils torture cells and weapons in '90'? Are all the governments wrong? On other hand he was reciting wrongly the sura of Quran Hakeem. No politican from PPP like Rahman Malik, Aitezaz Hassan and others can recite the shortest sura of Quran what to speak of offering prayers. This they leave to Maulanas Fazal Rahman and Siraj ul Haq Sahib. Are they Muslims only what about others who are leading Pakistan? Courtesy (Dunya News Tv And Express News)

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