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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Woman's Experiment Of Sleeping With Strangers Ended Her 17-Year Marriage

Sixty-year old Robin Rinaldi had been happily married to her husband Scott Mansfield for 17 years but then she decided to take a year off from her marriage so she could sleep with strangers. During her out, she boosts to bedding 10 men and two women, who she picked up online, in bars and at sex commune. But why she did so? She felt that there was lack od spontaneity and passions in her marriage, so she took the break in 2008. She was certain of her plan when husband decided to have vasectomy after she wanted children. She refused to die childless and only having four lovers. The couple then drew up a plan and agreed to Robin's moving out Monday to Friday so she could sleep with strangers but come home on weekends. They agreed to certain rules-- not to sleep with mutual friends, get into any serious relationships, or have unprotected relationship- broke all of them. After 12 months of her escapades Robin returned to her marriage full time but marriage was over. She got into relationship with one of the men she had met during her experiment and fell in love with him. She is now in monogamous relationship for five years while her husband has also moved on. Robin went on to write a book about her sabbatical- ' The Wild Oats Project: One woman's midlife quest to passion at any cost.'

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