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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Saudi Women's Choice Is No Longer Saudi Men

A prominent Saudi female activist and writer Samar Al Muqren, has defended women for getting more selective in marriage, saying they no longer see Saudi men the only choice. . She criticised Saudi men who treat unmarried women with disrespect, stressing that many local women have become spinsters of their own choice because they refuse to have 'stupid' husbands. Al Muqren said Saudi women now look at marriage as a means to achieve stable and safe family life. 'Some members of the Saudi society still look at local women who are not married with pity although most of them have chosen this because they could not find suitable man.' They simply preferred to remain spinster over having a stupid husband. Saudi women now live in an open world where Saudi men are no longer their sole choice. Saudi women now read, write search and interact with other people from many nationalities directly and through social networks. The world has drastically changed and Saudi women have also changed.

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