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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MQM's ''90' Raided By Rangers

Every government coming in power in centre raids and arrests members of MQM's force along with weapons, but after a few days every things gets clean and one of the envoy of government embraces Altaf Hussain in London, requests him to join and support Sindh government as well as in centre. No doubt, MQM has a strong hold of Karachi and no other party can win seats in Sindh assembly other than MQM. It is a fact that MQM has target cells, armed force to get extortion money, otherwise how Altaf Hussain could afford expensive phone address to workers every alternate day from London. While according to him MQM is common man party and their members are of average financially, then who supports him and provides finances. Every government needs his support so their members are released after arrests. Would it happen this time too, while rangers have raided 90 and arrested several members of MQM. MQM's leader aamir Khan is also in the custody of rangers for investigation. Heavy duty weapons have also been seized. Waqas a worker of MQM working in information department has also been killed due to shooting. Government needs support for election of senate chairman , so this type of drama will be over soon.

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