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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BJP Leader Wants Muslim Actors To Be Kicked Out Of India

Bharat Ki Muslman Dushmani by UNewsTv BJP leader Sadhvi Devi said all Khan actors are Muslims and be kicked out of India, but does not she know that they are 99.9 % Hindus and only Muslim by name. I advise Khans to change their Muslim names and keep Mohan das Mohan Singh ot Ram Das so that Sadhvi must consider them Hindu. She also called for boycott of the films starring Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. She asked the rightwing Hindus to tear off their film posters and make a bonefire of them. It is no astonishing that Hindus have enemity with Muslim who ruled India for centuries and Hindus were just common people. She also alleged that Christian proselytism was the motive behind Nobel Laureaute Mother Teressa's missionary work. "the Khans have conspired and lured Hindu girls, be it Sangeeta Bijlani (with whom Salman Khan had affair in the past), Malaika Arora (wife of Salman's brother Aarbaz) Reena Dutt (Aamir's former wife), or Kiran Rao (Aamir's wife now). Why do they always find Hindu girls? Why did they never have any affair with Muslim girls" sadhvi said, because Khans want to keep Hindus happy that they are Hindus. No Muslim girl will marry these Hindus who are so-called Muslims. Extremists Hindus even hate the names of Muslims.

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