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Monday, March 2, 2015

Things That Strangely Related To Something Else

*-- The organisation that was accused of using Hungarian porn in its propaganda. In November 2014, a Twitter account used by a major ISIS supporter released a photo it claimed was abuse of innocent Muslims. In reality, however, the picture, (in the centre of the above image) was still taken from Hungarian abuse porn. When the US State Department's twitter account was set up to 'troll' ISIS found out where it was really from. They called the organisation on it saying, " The middle photo is taken from Hungarian porn. Stop using fake photos to 'trick' people into your lost cause."
*-- Porn star Tori Lane was arrested after allegedly being belligerent on a plane and assaulting airline staff and police at Las Angeles International airport. 32-year-old Lane whose real name is Lisa Piasecki reportedly assaulted passengers and crew while Delta Flight 17 was in the air. She was restrained for the last 45 minutes of the flight before it landed at LAX's terminal 6 and was dragged into the terminal 'kicking and screaming' . Lane was detained by three crew members before also assaulting a police officer. *-- ESPN analyst Jerry Hamilton was busted watching porn after accidentaly tweeting the URL of the video clip he was just watching. In January, 2015, ESPN was naming the top 300 potential recruits in college football. These are student-athletes still in high school who will be going to play for the college of their choice in the coming year. Haliton tweeted who ESPN decided was number 29- and what adult video clip he was watching. Needless to say tweet was immediately taken down but not before some of the Hamilton's followers took the screenshots.
*-- In February 2015, actress and former porn star Sasha Grey took to Twitter to address rumour that she was brutally and horrifically murdered by Ukrainian soldiers while serving battlefield nurse in Eastern Ukraine ( She is neither a nurse nor is she dead). Grey's image appeared on Russian social media, along with a fake name "Sasha Serova" and story about how she was a nurse who was captured by the members of the Ukrainian military. In the post which was shared 3,500 times, the soldiers filed themselves 'humiliating 'her- a reference to her former career- "before chopping up her body with an axe." The post came out of an image Board known as 4Chan ( Eastern Europe's version), and was seemingly a test to see whether pro-separatists Russians were gullible enough to share social media stories confirming their beliefs about the moral depravity of Ukrainian, even if they displayed pgotos of famous porn stars, Ukrainian nationalists or Nazi doctors.

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