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Monday, March 23, 2015

Mother's Advice To Hit The Bride At First Night To Control Her

An Egyptian groom who knocked his bride out by fracturing her skull just after their wedding told police he did so at his mother's request to control his wife. The unnamed groom said he took his wife to their new home just after wedding and slapped her three times as his mother had told him. The man said," My mother said this would help him control his wife through out his marital life. Mother warned me that his brothers were controlled by their wives because they did not listen to her and did not beat their wives." The groom added," When I slapped her she hit me back, then I went to the kitchen and brought a metal bar which I used to hit her on head and body." Police arrested the man on charges of causing serious injuries to his wife, who suffered from fractures in her skull and pelvis. Report said she was still unconscious in her wedding dress when her family visited her in hospital in Cairo.

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