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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Saulat Mirza Was In Contact With Altaf Hussain Just Before His Arrest--Saulat's Wife

MQM Response to Saulat Mirza’s Wife by GeoNews The wife of death row inmate Saulat Mirza revealed that her husband was in contact with MQM's chief just before his arrest in Karachi. In an interview with a private Tv, the wife of former MQM worker said she visited the headquarter Nine Zero for the last time in the previous month (February), "Since then we were not even allowed to move beyond Mukka Chowk (A roundabout located about half a kilometer from 90" she added. She said MQM leader Farooq Sattar told her the party's role in connection with Saulat Mirza's case is over and ' now you are your own'. She termed MQM's announcement of disowning Saulat Mirza is a 'big joke'. Had the party not disowned Saulat Mirza, he would have not opened his mouth. "why is it that the individual from whom the order for (assassination of MD KESC) came is not being taken to task.
Interview of Saulat Mirza’s Wife by GeoNews Farooq Sattar reacted as saying he would not expect Saulat's wife to speak against her husband. He said Saulat remained party's worker until 1997-98. Watch the videos. Courtesy ( Daily Dawn)

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