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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jennifer Lopez Would 'Absolutely' Duet With Rihanna

Jennifer Lopez has responded to comments made by Rihanna saying she would like to work with star, by saying she would 'absolutely' duet with her. The 45-year-old singer has revealed she would love to sing with "We Found "Hitmaker" having recently starred in animated movie 'Home with her'. The chart-topping mother- of- two went on to say she is so fan of Bajan beauty because she is both edgy and feminine. Jennifer said "I am huge Rihanna - and I feel like she is such a girl's girl, which I love, which I love, because I am girl's girl and she seems very sweet. The comments come just days after 27-year-old star also expressed her wish to work with 'Booty' singer, but confessed she would have to add padding to her derriere if they shot a video together so she could compete with Jennifer's round butt. She said "I would need some butt pads for that video though." Continuing to praise the star -who released her debut single "If you had my Love" in 1999- she gushed how successful she continues to be, despite being older than most pop stars. She added, "I mean really, she is shutting down 20-year-old at forty-something. It is unheard of."

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