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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Alia Bhatt Does Not Know The Name Of Indian President

Do you know who the president of Singapore is? Do you know who the president of South Africa is? Do you know who the president of China is? These are not the questions from general knowledge test, but in fact from the girl who messed up the name of Indian president on Karan Johar's TV show. And honestly Alia Bhatt was getting made at the reporter who asked her a question about 'holi' being celebrated over the week end. The reporter had asked whether she knew why the Holi is celebrated. An exacperated and angry Alia Bhatt, asked him these question and then stormed off the stage not before asking the reporter these questions and telling him if he did not know the answers to these questions on general knowledge, he should not have asked her such question. In fact, Alia has been been doing her bit to silence for "Tormentators". She had made a video called 'Genius of the Year' where she made fun of herself- more like a repartee, but then the jokes and the wicked questions on pretty little girl have not stopped ad that perhaps earned her ire. Alia was present at the red carpet of award function when offending question was popped up at her.

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