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Monday, March 9, 2015

Ten Marriages In Two Years Of A 20-year Iranian Girl

Iranian authorities have convicted a 20-year-old girl who married 10 times with in two years with fraud and treachery to collect money. Her identity and name have been kept secret. One of the Irani newspaper says that though girl has managed to marry ten times but she did not give chance to any of the husband to have sexual contact. Beacuse she demanded divorce before having intimacy with husbands. Meanwhile, she got wealth and other valuables from husbands. Women have been empowered in Islamic Revolution during 1976 to decide the money of Haq Mehr ( money for marriage). She with the husbands decided the money and half of the amount she could get after divorce. She used to bring changes in her identity cards after each marriage. It is legal in Iran that a girl remainining virgin after marriage can delete husband's name from her identity card, so she used to do so. Woh! Bravo.

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