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Monday, March 30, 2015

MQM Got Million Of Dollars From India To Break Pakistan

Kharra Sach –24th March 2015 by awaissamoo Mubashir Luqman, host of ARY TV program Kharra Such ( Pure Truth) tells in detail the target killers of MQM specially that about Nadeem alias Nadu who confessed killing of 208 people. He was a welder and he had visited India. Tariq Azeem was killed by Nadeem on the order of chief of MQM. He joined MQM and was made sector incharge. Attempts were made to save Nadeem but failed. Mubashir has shown all the records of Nadu's phone calls In this vide). Luqman accused Altaf of using media to blame, army ISI or other officers but also accuses it if it says truth about his subversive activities. Luqman also wrote letter to British House of Commons against Altaf's negative activities. He accuses Altaf of getting million of dollars from India for breaking Pakistan. He said Ishrat ul Ibad while being governor of Sindh is getting social security benefits from Britain. Prime minister also said terrorism started in Pakistan when MQM started politics. Altaf must get himself clear from this accusations. He is British citizen and carrying out terrorist activities in Pakistan. Anchor said that Britain gives citizen after confirming that the applicant has no criminal charges against him in his native country, then why Alltaf was given citiznship inspite of having murder cases in Pakistan. Mubashir is writing letter to Britain PM. Watch the video and get to know about the reality of MQM and Altaf Hussain. He said during PPP era Rahman Malik was sustained only for managing Altaf and MQM. Ch Nisar clearly gave instructions to rangers to carry out operation with out any discrimination. Now for the last two weeks no target killing incident took place. Courtesy (Awais Samoo/ Daily Motion)

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