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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sarah Stage Shows Her Baby-Bump On Instagram

Sarah Stage is a gorgeous 30-year-old lingerie model who happens to be eight and a half month pregnant. You would never guess this super fit 8 1/2 months pregnant, if you see her her instagram posts where she displays she displays her tiny baby-bump.
This has sired up a debate on the web, comments have exploded on the internet over the past few days How is this body possible? people wondered is it safe, Healthy? Stage has become an internet sensation over the course of her pregnancy, posting a slew of her photos to instagram chronicling her development.
Her fan base has grown exponentially since she started documenting transformation of her body. Her 1.3 million instagram fans are vocally divided whether she looks fit or famished. But how did she manage to have no baby bump at all even at 8 1/2 months? The model has maintained a strict exercise regime and practices healthy diet.
Stage, who is due in April told she has gained only 20 pounds during her pregnancy. While women should gain 20-40 pounds throughout their pregnancy. Stage doctors have told her she should not worry about her tiny tummy affecting the fetus as baby is healthy.

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