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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meera Catches Another Millionaire In Her Trap

Meera jee! you have expressed your kind intention that you want to accomplish position like Abdul Sattar Edhi in social work, but you can not and never reach to the status and position of Edhi, who is angel in this sinful world, even if you get hundred lives one after another like Hindus' belief. It is right you can be a social worker like Ansaar Barni and Malki Riaz, but with building a hospital you can not be 'Edhi' or Bilqees Edhi. . Meera Jee! can you rear illegal children, take care of them yourself and make "Pinghoras", can you pick rotten dead bodies that smell bad being a celebrity of people whose dead bodies are not even touched by their close relatives? Can you walk in chappals and khhaddar dress? I mean in simple dress? Never It is only Edhi on this earth who can do all this. We will be happy if we find another Edhi in Pakistan may be in the form of Meera. May Allah fulfil your kind intentions. Now coming to your latest progress. It is learnt that Meera has found a prince of her dreams, who assures to fulfill all her dreams including help in building her 'Charity Hospital'. The millionaire who intends to marry Meera lives out side the country. But where would Malik Wazir go? He is tribal elder if your response is negative towards him, he may take you forcibly. Meera also intends that Imran Khan may lay the foundation stone of her hospital. Imran would do this but you must not cross the limits as he is married now and we like our Bhabi, Reham Khan more than you.

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