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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pakistanis Increasingly Misuse Antibiotics--Experts

A Brititain medical expert has revealed that the misuse of anti-biotics medicines in Pakistan and Kashmir has increased the resistance power of Bacteria, so now antibiotics do not show desired results. Professor Dr Muhammad Maqsood Abdali said it has been observed in Pakistan that mostly patients are being treated through antibiotics medicines and patients also use antibiotics without proper recommendation of paramedics and do not complete the course of treatment, he added that this practice increases the resistance power of bacteria and a stage comes when antibiotics become useless. Dr Abdali said Pakistan and Kashmir have same mechanism regarding registration of medicines but Pakistan has great number of registered medicines than any other country of the world even India has less registered medicines than Pakistan. A board comprising specialists should be established should be established for registration of life saving medicines. There is no system of observation of affects of using these drugs and many medicines wirh same name are present in Pakistan, as many kinds of Amoxil capsules are available in market. He said human blood it self is a medicines against many diseases so it should be pure.

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