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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pakistani Girls Who Fell Prey To Internet Friendship

The glamour of fashion industry as well internet friendships are spreading poison in our society. The young girls are attracted by the colourful life of fashion and showbiz and want to adopt life style like that one. But due to non affordability step on the path of negative activities. The friendship starting on internet end in kidnapping and murder of girls. Two similar events took place in provincial capital Lahore that created restlessness among the lahorites. In one incident, Areeba, whose real name was Abeera, the resident of suberben area of Sialkot stayed in a girls hostel of Wahdat colony and was graduating from a local unversity was attracted by the glamorous life of fashion world and tried to contact people from showbiz, at last she got contacted to one Tuba whose real name was Uzma Rao and she was related to fashion industry. This contact with Tuba changed into friendship and slowly and gradually all the friends of Tuba became the friends of Areeba. Tuba got some fashion shoots of Areeba as model and during one shot in Faisalabad Areeba disappeared. Her family could not contact her. Her kidnap case was registered with with Wahdat colony police station. Meanwhile a dead body of a young girl in a suitcase was found at Sherakpt bus stand and viewing CCTV footage her brother recognised the girl as Tuba who had left the suitcase on the bus stand. On basis of Tuba's statement the two accused Haidar and Farooq were arrested. Farooq is an officer in a private bank, who had friendship with Araba through Tuba. Investigation is continued and other culprits will also be arrested soon. Similarly, a girl Anam from Raheem Yar Khan who was a medical college student had a net friend Sajid of Bahawalpur and a lawyer. He invited her to his home and killed her after rape. Sajid's maid servant Sanam was also present in his home. Both have been arrested and investigation is going on. (See Areeba's video)
Lahore: Abeera Murder Case-26 Feb 2015 by GeoNews

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