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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Horse Trading In Senate Election

Pinterest I though that I would not highlight the weaknesses, drawbacks and flaws, slecially of corruption in our society. Because, it gives negative image of our Islamic country to the world, but a sensitive, sensible patriot Pakistani when looks at the deep rooted corruption in a country that was taken by the founder of Pakistan and his sincere colleagues from the grip of British rulers, in the name of Islam to implement Islamic law in Pakistan, one suffers from tension rather hypertension. However, due to the world being a global village and its interconnection through net and fast media activities, every body is aware of the low mentality of our representatives. From fake degrees to drowned in crediting black money in Swiss Banks. Though, there are exceptions every where and in every walk of life, some of them are sincere, patriot and kind, but meagre in number. Therefore, heart-brokenly I will highlight dark side of our society. There is no discrimination between poor and wealthy, because poor people are more corrupt than rich are. The horse-trading during the last decade was introduced in Changa Manga and Bhurban 7-star hotels. By whom? known to every body. Imran Khan rightly warned all the political parties that he would every possible step to stop horse trading in senate elections. He also said if majority of KP assembly members did not vote for party's nominated candidate, he will have option but to dissolve the KP assembly. It is a good warning, no member of the KP assembly will like to get deprived of perks and previliges, powers and member's funds. They will not deviate from the party's policy. LONG LIVE IMRAN KHAN. PPP has awarded tickets to three candidates while it has only five seats in provincial assembly. JUI has fielded two candidates despite it has 17 members.

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