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Friday, March 6, 2015

Bollywood's Movie "Dirty Politics" Is Really Dirty

There are good and bad movies. And there are movies like 'dirty politics' It is so dirty that you are better off not getting your mind polluted by this muck of movie. Worst performance, flawed editing, shoddy dubbing, and a plot so contrived that it makes 145 minutes of screen time seem like torture. Director K.C. Bokadia uses every thing in his power to crush your mind, body and soul. Armed with an aged actress, known mostly for her raunchy movies and curvaceous body, Bokadia weaves a story about the dirty game-politicians' play. 'Dirty politics' is about how an ambitious dancer-turned- politician Anokhi Devi goes missing and how a stern investigator ropes in two honest cops to unearth the mystery behind her disappearance. She is seen dancing, seducing and manipulating an old, pot-bellied political leader into landing her a strong position in his party. Things are hunky-dory until a rogue leader ousts her out of election race. As the truth is uncovered, the political drama shifts into a legal one.

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