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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ways To Protect Your Hair In Winter

Winter has knocked on our door steps. Soon it will be storming in our homes. Wisps of winter breeze has started entertaining us. But there is one issue which winter season brings, whether they winter lovers or detesters, everyone starts having hair concerns. They become extremely dry, sometimes you feel a king of current in your hair, and letting your hair down in winter results in disaster. But there is no need to be disappointed. But there really some practical remedies and counteractive measures which will help you enjoy winters with every possible hairstyle. Prolonged exposure of your hair to cold will destroy them, so at times try wearing hats or scarfs. Avoid using coconut oil in winter; instead use almond oil or olive oil as thy contain vitamin E. Do not wash your hair with warm water. Try to use lukewarm water, as warm water takes away all the moisture of your hair, resulting in dryness. Oiling in winter is very important, oil your hair in winter every alternate day. Avoid extreme hot exposure to your hair; do not sit too close to heaters. Avoid using strong conditioner, use medium ones and never use conditioner on your scalp.

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