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Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Was Sexually Abused By Lord Nuffield Of Morris Minor For A Decade-- Ann Vaughan

One of the richest men of the 20th century, car magnate Lord Nuffield once said," I just want to pass out feeling I have done my best for mankind". History has certainly been kind to him and with good reasons. Today the multi-millionaire -founder of Morris Motors and of an Oxford University College is viewed as one of Britain's greatest philanthropists. Yet for all the millions he gave away, there is at least one woman who shudders when she thinks of Lord Nuffield's generosity and the price she paid in return. This woman told to police that William Nuffield subjected her to a decade of sexual abuse, which started when she was 12 -years old and ended when she was engaged to be married. Today, Ann Vaughan, now 79, bravely agreed to waive her right to anonymity to reveal how peer systematically assaulted her -with shockingly she says, the silent connivance of a mother who was cowed by his wealth and influence. I realize now that my mother prostituted me at the age of 12 to a man who was 60- my parents always lived beyond their means. I was very young of my age and when and so when Nuffield singled me out, rather than protecting me they must have seen it as Manna from Heaven to them. Instead of protecting me they allowed abuse to continue for years, turning a blind eye. After she met Lord Nuffield in hospital while she was awaiting major hip surgery. He *- called his 'little devil' and a 'tease' while abusing her. *-- Paid her medical fees, making her parents to feel beholden to him. *-- Made special arrangements to be home alone with her after her discharge from hospital. *-- Gave her pounds 8,0000 (The equivalent 250,000 pounds of today) of her shares to her with her parents' knowledge, months after meeting her.

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