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Monday, November 16, 2015

Man In Egypt With 5 Kids Finds Out He Was Infertile

This is astonashing that a man lived with his wife for 10 years and the woman gave birth to five children and he did not detect any illegal relations of her with another man, of course, he is not a man. After 10 years of marriage he blamed his wife to be sinful. An Egyptian man with five children discovered that he was infertile and that his wife had been betraying him during their 10-year-old marriage. The man told in court in the Egyptian capital Cairo that he wanted to divorce his wife and she should be stoned to death for multiple adulteries. The unnamed man told the judge that he accidentally discovered he was infertile and the five children living with him were not his. He said he was doing routine medical tests when doctor told him he was infertile and can not have children. He said my wife have been chaeating on me during all these days and she was unfaithful. She has stabbed ny manhood during these years, she can not be my wife, and committed adultry many times. The court is waiting for the results of DNA tests to issue the sentence.

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