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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pregnant Woman Takes Exam During Active Labour

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in woman's life and she needs nothing but love and care at that time. But there is one extraordinary genius and determined woman who gave birth to a boy anf took her psychology exam at the same time. This valiant mother is named as Tommitrise Collin. Her sister Shanell Brinkley posted her picture on social media. Posting the picture of her sister Tommitrise Collin on her Facebook page, Shanell wrote," This is what you call 'Strong priorities' Contractions 3 minutes apart ans still takes her psychology test! You Are going to be a great mom baby sis!".
The picture which shows Tonnitrise sitting on hospital bed wearing a hospital gown and hairnet and hooked up to monitors, looking incredibly calm as she stares at her laptop screen has now been shared by nearly 14,000 people.
She is a student at University of Texas ,El Paso. The update of her profile shows she had finished not only her exam but also had a successful labour. She delivered a baby boy named Tyler Elise. Tyler was born at the wedding ceremony of her sister and they think this boy has a bright future ahead.

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