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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Imran Khan! Please Follow What You Say, Be Different From Others, Otherwise Yoy Will Lose Trust Of The Masses

Imran Khan! Do you know? if you do not know then you are not a good politician and you are unaware of the deeds of your MNAs MPAs, specially in KPK, where your party is in the government. If The chief of a political party does not know that his members were doing wrongly or illegally then how can he call himself a right head of a party. If You Know and you overlooked the injustices in Justice (Insaaf) party then you are not different from other politicians whom you are cursing day and night for rigging in elections. People trust you and like you that you seemed a bit different. Either you are depressed or mentally disturbed due to your personal affairs, still you do not deserve to lead Tehreek e Insaaf. If you did not rectify the these fatal blunders within your party you will be no more there. Ok Now Listen. Your MPAs, specially in KPK (because I belong To KPK) so I will give you serious misconduct of your party men there. You are against politics to retain within family or after elder the younger generation occupy the seats of their elders depriving the deserving and poor of the rights. Your MPAS are promoting the same and your reputation is being affected. The tickets for contesting election for different local bodies seats were distribute to the relatives of your 'big names' and they tried their best to get their favorites successful. Your chief minister of KPK Parvez Khattak, who is already accused of nepotism, issued ticket to his brother Liaqat Khattak for the seat of district nazim Nowshera, and got him elected.
Similarly, your provincial minister (KPK), Ali Ameen Gandapur, issued ticket to his younger brother Umar Ameen Gandapur for tehsil Nazim Dera Ismail Khan seat and got him elected. In Dera Ismail Khan's tehsil Paharpur, Jahanzeb Khan has been elected Tehsil Nazim on PTi' s ticket. His nephew Ehtesham Akbar Khan from Paniala is MPA (PTI). Ehtesham was elected MPA as his father Javed Akbar Khan was deseated due to fake degree. Dawar Khan Kundi, who is member national assembly on PTI ticket has got elected his brother Mustafa Khan Kundi as district Nazim Tank. Their father Aman Ullah Khan Kundi alias Manno Khan was chairman district council Dera Ismail Khan during 1979. District Nazim Dera Ismail Khan Aziz Ullah Khan Alizai is the brother-in-law and first cousin of PTI's elected MPA Sami Ullah Khan Alizai. Sami Ullah got his brother Usman Alizai elected on a youth reserve
seat. Similarly, Ashfaq Qureshi was elected tehsil Nazim Lachi, district Kohat on PTI ticket, who is brother of Imtiaz Qureshi provincial law minister KPK. These are a few examples. However, to mention the status of BD elected councillors or members in Punjab is useless. Because 90 % of the members elected are under trial, involved in criminal cases or are in jail. So this is "Democracy" of PML (N) and other political parties in Pakistan.

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