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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Some Great Inventions By Pakistanis

**-- Pakistanis are tremendously genius. It is not a phrase only, it is meaningful. These inventions are proof of that. A Pakistani computer scientist, Zeesha ul Hassan Usmani, has introduced a Software simulation based on blast forensic design by that claims to reduce deaths (on average) by 12 % and injuries by 7 % merely by altering the way a group of people stand near the expected suicide bomber. **-- Silicon Chip Connection:-
Dr Naveed Syed is the first scientist who accomplished " connect brain cells to a silicon chip". This Pakistani helped the world achieve a great milestone. This discovery will significantly help in the research of integrating computers with human brains in order to assist monitor vital signs, control artificial limbs, correct memory loss and vision impairment. **-- Human Development Index:-
Pakistani economist Mahbub Ul Haq devised the Human Development Index in 1990 in order to move the development economics to people centered policies from national income accounting. *8-- Fertilizer With Non Explosive Materials:--
Recently a Pakistani fertilizer company prepared a new formula that can not be converted into bomb- making material. Previously, fertilizers with ammonium nitrate were easily converted into bomb-making ingredients. **-- Lavatory that Transforms Human Waste Into Charcoal, Minerals, And Clean Water:--
Pakistani scientist at Loughborough university, Sohail Khan invented a lavatory that converts human waste into biological charcoal, which can be burnt; and clean water. **-- Brain, One Of The First Computer Viruses:-
This software was created by Farooq Alvi Brothers in 1986 in Lahore, Pakistan to discourage the piracy of the software they had made.

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