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Monday, November 16, 2015

Iqbal El Assad--- The Youngest Female Medical Doctor Of The World

Who could imagine for a person living in a refugee camp. facing violence, brutalities, firing and bombardment can even earn a simple Bachelor's degree, but a courageous, intelligent, determined, hard working young Palestinian girl conguered the mountain of difficulties and obtained medical doctor's degree just in 20 years and became the World's Youngest Female doctor. She earned place in the pages of Guinness Book of World Record. She is also first youngest Muslim Female doctor who qualified the medical degree. Iqbal El Assad, who lives in Palestinian Refugee Camp in Labenon. She was enrolled Weil Cornell Medical College in Qatar when she was only 14-years-old. Speaking to the Muslim Guy, Assad said, she made decision to be a doctor when she was just 12-years old. Growing up as a Palestinian living in Labenon she saw much sufferings among her people since {alestinians in Labenon did not have health insurance. She visited the camps with her family and saw how harch the conditions there were. She noticed many parents who saw the sufferings of their children but could not help them because they did not have the money. She said, " her visits to these camps made me feel that it was my responsibility to study medicine and help these people. Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneyeh honored Assad for being the youngest doctor in the world and congratulated her for her excellence. She will be leaving soon for residency at the Children Hospital Cleveland Ohio, after that she wants to apply for fellowship in Padiatric cardiology, which will take three years more. She then want to come back to the Middle East and work between Qatar and Labenon to pay Qatar back - they have been sponsoring her for the last six years. She also wants to help her own people in the Labanese camps because they were the main inspiration for her to be a doctor and she would like to fulfil her childhood dream to make difference in their lives.

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