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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Some Most Cruel Wives

**-- In 2005, Stacey Castor, 41, used a kitchen baster to give antifreeze to his second husband, David Castor over a four-day-period, and then staged the scene to make it appear a suicide. Investigation found he had ingested ethylene glycol. Suspecting his wife, they exhumed the body of Castors's first husband, who died in 2000 of a heart attack. Chemical analysis showed his body contained ethylene glycol as well. This threw more suspicion on Stacey Castor, but she had a back up plan. She arranged evidence to point finger at her own daughter, Ashley!. Castor accused her teenage daughter of killing her father and step father, despite the fact that Ashley was only 11 year old when Michael Wallace died. In 2007, Ashley Wallace was hospitalized for over dose of prescription pills and vodka. There was a suicide note in which she confessed to the murder of her step father. The only problem was that Ashley survived to testify against her mother in her 2009 trial. Castor faces 25 years to life for the murder of David Castro and attempted murder of her daughter Ashley Wallace.
**-- Valeria Massalina was the third wife of emperor Claudius. She was notorious for being absolute nymphomaniac. She married Caudius A.D. 38 and born him two children, who were rumoured to actually been fathered by Galigula as she was frequent attendee to his banquets and orgies. After Caligula was finally murdered, Massalina, although now empress could not suppress her urges. At night, she would even dress up as a prostitute and incognito she would trade as prostitute-such was her insatiable appetite for men. She once challenged the famous Roman prostitute Scylla to a sex-athon, where the winner was who copulated with most men. The competition lasted for 24 hours and and Messalina won with a score of 25 partners. In 48 A.D. she plotted with one of her lovers, Sillius , to have Claudius killed and even had a secret marriage ceremony with him. However, one of Cladius' advisors Narciccus exposed plot to him. Cladius was heartbroken and could hardly believe his ears, but was eventually persuaded to have her and Cillius promptly executed. Messalina was given the option of suicide but she could bring herself to take her life.
**-- A Saudi Arabian man lived with his wife for 30 years with out setting eyes on her face. His 50-year-old wife followed the tradition of her native village near the south-western city of Khamis Mushayt and kept her features veiled all the time. One night husband was overcome by curiosity and tried to lift his wife's veil to have a look at her face, as she slept. It was an error he is unlikely to be given a chance to repeat for his outraged wife who woke up during his sneak peek and decided to demand a divorce. The betrayed wife said her husband apologized and promised never to do it again, but she insisted she wanted a divorce. It may seem odd, but cases of Saudi husbands with wives forever shrouded in the history are not uncommon. And neither the husband nor her children of Ome Rabea El Gahdaray ever seen her face. It was a family tradition that was followed by her mother and sisters. When she was asked how could she have children whereas her husband had never see her face, She replied ' marriage is about love not faces'.

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