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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Indian Mega Star Shah Rukh Khan Slams Hindu Extremism

After some gap, Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan has once again slammed the Hindu extremism, viewing that religious intolerance or intolerance of any kind, was the worst thing and would take India to the dark ages, opining that Indians were losing face over the questions that were being asked. He said this while talking to a private TV channel on his 50th birthday. He added religion can not be defined by one's meat-eating habits. Whoever, takes a stand on creative people will receive a backlash. He said in his house everyone is free to follow his religion. My kids were confused about they were Muslims or Hindus, I say why not Christian? Sweet dish is prepared in our home on Diwali and I myself go to "Pooja", He said, if you are a patriot you must love your country as a whole not parts of it as religions or regions. I think it is a bravery of those returning awards, I am on their side. He said I am Indian-born movie star, I am an Indian-born Indian and I am Indian, How that get questioned. Poor Indian Muslims, they would be accepted as Indians by extremists till they change their names, their 'Dhram' (religion). as Shah Rukh did but still he is not accepted as Indian because he is still retaining his name, when he is all Hindu what is need to be named Shah Rukh why not Ram Das, or Jagan Nath?

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