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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Terrorists Kill 178 People In France

France has declared a national state of emergency and closed its borders after at least 178 persons were killed in gun and bomb attacks in Paris. There was a match being played between France and Germany when terrorists stormed different places in Paris, they attacked stadium, restaurant and concert hall. Terrorists attacked 7 different places and France has been put to Curfew first time after 1944 (World War II). 1500 army personnel have been deployed in Paris after th attacks. Terrorists opened fire in the concert hall where death toll has raised to 100. All the borders of France has been sealed after the sad incident. Gunmen took many hostags before overpowered by the police. Others died in reported suicide blast near State de France and gun attacks on city centre restaurants. Seven attackers are reportedly killed. Paris residents have been asked to stay indoors and military personnels have been deployed across the city.
Video of Bataclan Theatre in Paris by Viral__Videos

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