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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Pakistani Journalist Reveals Inside Story Of Imran-Reham Divorce

Black magic behind Imran and Reham Khan divorce? by Viral__Videos

A senior journalist and anchor person Saleem Safi revealed a shocking reason behind the divorce between Imran and Reham. The journalist revealed in his column that Imran Khan held a meeting with Secretary General OTI, Jahangir Tareen and discussed personal matters with him. Jahangir Tareen advised Imran Khan to get rid of Reham Khan as soon as possible. According to journalist Reham Khan heard all the conversation and burst on Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen. He also claimed that Jahangir Tareen had not denied these reports. Earlier the divorce between Imran Khan and BBC weather girl Reham Khan had been a hotcake in the media and a lot of speculations have been made regarding the possible reasons behind this sad move by both. Though Imran Khan and Reham Khan both have said that it was a decision taken by mutual consent, but people have always been suspicious and searching for the real facts behind the story. But Reham Khan recent Tweet has activated the speculations again. Ex-wife of Imran Khan referred to the The Holy Book of Quran and its verse that Satan (Iblees) taught black magic to human being so that he could separate a married couple.

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