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Monday, November 23, 2015

MNA Hina Butt's Halloween Celebrations Are Vastly Being Condemned

A member of National Assembly of PML(N) Hina Parvez Butt has been caught celebrating western festival Halloween. Hina Butt's pictures while while celebrating Halloween party have spread all over the social media as people are highly condemning this western style festival of MNA. A large number of people are criticizing her for arranging a western festival while saying that it is an inappropriate act which must not be done by a political leader of Pakistan.
However, no one is happy to see that our leaders are promoting non-Islamic festivals in Pakistan, which was observed in all western countries on October 31. It is noteworthy that Hina Butt of PML(N) was only woman who criticized the participation of women in PTI's sit-in last year, in Islamabad. There she criticized PTI women in sit ins and here she is enjoying Halloween party in an Islamic country being a leader of a political party.
Hina is also known as famous fashion designer of Pakistan under the banner Teena and Hina.

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