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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Some Bollywood Actresses That Went From Dark To Fair

Bollywood actresses have time and fell prey to skin lightening rumors, but looking at some transformations it is hard not to wonder. While it is not a hidden fact that film industry every where is obsessed with fair skin, some actresses manage to make it big even with their dusky complexion. But over the time these dusky actresses also appear to have become fairer. Take a look at such 6 Bollywood actresses who went from being dusk to becoming fair: **-- Kajol:--
Bollywood's lovely soft-spoken actress Kajol entered the film industry looking like the perfect brown Indian girl with big eyes and dusky skin. But over the time, the actress has become fairer and has light skin now. This got the tongue wagging that Kajol had underwent skin lightening surgery to decrease malanin level of her body. However, she rubbished these rumors. **-- Priyanka Chopra:--
After becoming Miss World at very young age, Priyanka Chopra soon became the new face of Bollywood. Although Chopra never had much of a dusky skin, she was not surely as fair as she is now. The actress who is making wonders at Hollywood and Bollywood industry used to have comparatively darker skin back in the days, it is surely a huge makeover. **-- Deepika Pedukone:--
Much like Priyanka, Deepika also have not much of a dusky skin to begin with, the actress, however does look fairer now, which set the rumour mills churning that the Chennai Express star has also undergone skin lightening treatment. Of course, she did not come forward and accepted th same, but the change is certainly visible. **-- Bipasha Basu:--
Bipasha Basu was certainly one of the rising stars in early 2000's who broke the myth of the fair skin obsession of the Bollywood. However, a suprising change was notices in her dusky skin when the actress appeared to have become fairer all of a sudden. The change certainly did not go unnoticed and made everyone belive Bips has taken some medical help to do the same. **--Chitrangda Singh:--
Chitrangda Singh made all to fall in love with her cocoa butter complexion and her sexy features. But the rumour has hit that the actress has herself insisted on fairer complexion in magazine covers and more. The same change surely is visible now as she appears more light skinned than the dusky beauty she was earlier. **-- Rekha:--
Bollywood's iconic actress till date did not cease to amaze her fans with her immense beauty. When she started off her career in Bollywood, much like many other actresses Rekha was also a simplistic brown skin beauty. But with the passage of the time and with more fame and money the actress seems to have taken transformation from being dusky to becoming fair.

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