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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Imran Khan Was Poisoned On Eid Day? (Video)

Reham Khan Ne Imran Khan Ko Zehar De Diya Tha... by fun-time-pass

It seems that Imran Khan's divorce issue has not been settled yet as a famous website has released a video claiming that Imran Khan was poisoned by Reham Khan. According to video Imran Khan was poisoned on Eid Day, poison was mixed in sweets. Eating which Imran Khan fell seriously ill and he was immediately rushed to private hospital Kalsoum International in Blue area, Islamabad. In the hospital panel of experts doctors treated him, washed his stomach and Khan recovered. The video has used PTI source. It is clear that conspiracies are continued against Imran Khan and his life is in danger even. May Allah save him for the nation. (Courtesy: Daily Motion/ Newstribe)

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