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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Modi Not Welcome" Displayed On British Parliament Ahead Of His Visit

A large image of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi weilding a sword with the words "Modi not welcome" displayed was displayed on the British Parliament by Indian activists. The image which was created by the Awaaz Network also bore the Hindu symbol "Om" which slowly changed to into the Nazi Swastika. The image stayed on the Palace of Westminster in London for eight and a half minutes. The Awaaz Network also aims to monitor and combat religious hatred in South Asia and UK was protesting against Modi's visit to UK. "pulling off visual protest took weeks of planning. The protest was timed to coincide with the Bihar Election results, UK Remembrance Day, Second World War and Modi's visit", said director Monitoring group of Awazz Network. He also criticised the British government for being blind to to the violence to the minorities in India. You can not deny that there has to be trade between the two countries. What they say were objecting to was the slavish attitude that the UK government was taking in bolstering the Modi's image which they think was undeserved and totally blind to the serious issue of violence against the minorities, violence and murder of secularists and so on. Courtesy (Daily Tribune)

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