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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Some Pakistani Actresses With Real Faces (Without Make Up)

Here are some actresses who look like ordinary human beings rather than rather than their glamorous, dazzling on-screen self! You might have been charmed and mesmerized till no end when they appear on screen. Loads of make up and costly costumes can do wonders on their skin, which include hiding their natural looks. Here are ten actresses who are captured (Involuntarily, it is guessed) off-screen without any form of beauty products for their rescue. **-- Mahira Khan:--
**-- Humaima Malik:--
**--Mehwish Hayat
**-- Resham:--
**-- Maria Wasti:--
**-- Iman Ali:--
*8--Vaneeza Ahmad:--
*8--Veena Malik:--
*8--Saba Qamar:--
*8--Hadiqa Kiani:--

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