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Friday, November 13, 2015

Ayesha Mumtaz Denied Rumours Of Her Resignation Or Removal

Director Operations of Punjab Food Authority (OFA) Ayesh Mumtaz has denied her removal as Director Operations PFA. She said she was at present attending a conference on Food Safety in Brussels. She expressed sorrow over the rumor circulating on social media about her removal after her departure from the country to attend the conference. Ayesha said some elements were waging propaganda that she was stopped from performing duties following a raid on a company. She termed such rumors as false and far from reality. She said people will soon witness her performing duties with zeal upon returning to the country. It is worth mentioning that Ayesha raided several factories and bakeries belonging to influential people selling sub standard food items and sealed them and fined them. These are the people who spread false propaganda against her. This is the job that no one could do before her. The cruel people had been playing with the lives of masses.

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