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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jati Umra Palace (The Residence Of Sharif Family) Is Being Converted Into Impregnable Fort

Whereas, common Pakistani rather 98 percent of the population of Pakistani nation is facing natural calamities like earth quakes, floods, extremities of weather, diseases (Dengue) and men made and brought troubles like price hike, inflation, gas and electricity load shedding, road accidents, target killing, bomb blasts, terrorism, scarcity of drinking water, health facilities and what not Pakistani common man is prune to. The taxes collected from the poor and the salaried people (because feudal lords, sacared cows sitting in parliament and other influential people are tax evaders) are spent on the useless (From national point of view) luxury tours of VIPs. In which they take whole of their families to foreign countries for shopping. Near to them common Pakistanis are crawling insect whose lives carry no value, whether they are crushed under the shoes of VIPs, or killed by their cars, killed by themselves (commit suicides) or by price hike, quakes or floods. But value is only near to them of their own, of their families and relatives. , PM, All parliamentarians, MNAs, MPAs, ministers, CMs and other VIPs have valuable lives that can be saved by spending billions of rupees on their securities from the taxes paid by common man, because if they gone, Pakistan would survive (According to them). Therefore, government of Punjab has released Rs 300.44 million for the improvement of Sharif Family in Jati Umra. This expenditure is in addition to the budget already allocated in the current financial for their security. This amount will be spent on 4.4 km long barbed wire around the palace, 90 CCTV cameras, and 100 LED lights will be installed while 20 elevated check posts will be built. Fourteen modern and latest model vehicles have already reached in the Jati Umra. Punjab government has released 20.8 million rupees for payment of honorarium to the police staff deployed on the security of Sharif family. While 2751 police officials are appointed for the security of PM, CM and their families in and around the palace. While 44 police men are on security duty of PM house in Islamabad. Among 2751 police officers and other civil employees include, Chief Coordinator of security, Chief minister Squad Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and on duty at Chief minister office GOR 1, Banquite Hall, 90 Quade Azam Road Lahore, chief minister residence 180 H Model Town Lahore, chief minister residence 96 H Model Town Lahore, chief minister residence DHA Lahore, Prime Minister residence Jati Umra Raiwind, Squad Hamza , Squad Nusrat Shahbaz, Squad Salman Shahbaz and family, squd Mian Imran Ali Yousuf, Squad Begum Tehmina Shahbaz etc

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