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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pakistan Rightly Refused Issuance Of Renunciation Of Citizenship Certificate To Indian Puppet

Some Pakistani singers, actors and so called pro- India intellectuals when go to India or get some lift by Indian Hindus in Bollywood or literary circles start speaking against Pakistan and become the spokespersons of India. Still our government allows them to return to country, why they are not asked to stay in their "Beloved Country" and get more favour to frpm their God Father. Similarly, Adnan Sami, who is Muslim or Hindu not known because in India no person can be Muslim with Muslim name as Khans of Bollywood are. When India indicated that he will be given citizenship, he started nonsense about Pakistan, whereas, prior to that he was even allowed by Hindu extremists to live in rented house. But he talked about Pakistan , Hidus suddenly started loving him. Pakistan took a very right decision to refuse him issuance of the "Renunciation of Citizenship Certificate" . When he broke his relations with Pakistan, returned green passport, why did he dare to apply for the the cetificate. He is no more Pakistani but Indian Hindu. The move not to issue him renunciation of citizenship certificate will hurt his chances of obtaining Indian nationality, since the document is imperative if he wishes to renounce his national identity in Pakistan and adopt the Indian one in exchange. Interior ministry said " Why we would issue the certificate to a man who has no respect for \sacred document' The office also revealed a line from his letter that the singer had sent to the Pakistani High Commissio in India along with the Pakistani passport wherein he said ' I do not need the green passport any more, I have found home in India" He remains no more Pakistani. Pakistan must not issue him any document.

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