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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sheikh Rashid May Quit PTI Soon

Though Sheikh Rashid has over estimated his political weight, he has a political status today only due to PTI, he won national assembly seat because of support of PTI. He will even lose his vote bank, if he quits PTI. His Awami Muslim League is nowhere seen in the political field. He will have to join another political party, otherwise his political career will be damaged. It is reported that close aide of Imran Khan and a firm support to PTI, Sheikh Rashid has given indications to get separated from PTI. Sheikh Rashid was of the opinion that he is blamed to spoil the matters of PTI and interfering much into them, so it was better for him to part ways from PTI and do something better for his own party. It is worth mentioning that Imran Khan fired Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan, PTI organisor in Rawalpindi over selling tickets to his favorites in Local Bodies election, who then blamed it on Shikh Rashid and said he was destroying th party.

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