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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fish When Caught Warn The Others To Escape The Danger

Scientists have discovered an interesting fact that the fish when caught warn the others to escape the danger. They give off a cry to help their companions but in this way they also catch the attention of predators. While researchers have discovered that fish emit a chemical substance found in their skin when injured to alert others nearby of the danger, they did not know whether the distress call benefited the captured prey. Within a minute the chemical alarm is being emitted you get this aggression of little predator coming in, co-author of the study said most fish displayed similar behaviour. For them it is like somebody ringing dinner bell, so other predators swoop in and start chasing the predator that caught first the little prey fish and in doing so disrupt the initial predator. The intial predator ends up 40 % of the time, dropping the prey and the prey swims off and survives. Commercially important fish such as coral trout and snappers have the same characteristics.

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